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Jim Soliven is a computational design artist that focuses on generative and algorithmic processes to create artistic images. He has been exhibited in galleries on both US coasts and also in Europe. His work has been licensed by several publications and he is also considered one of the more prominent artists of the genre.

An early addiction to computer games and graphics spurred Jim Soliven's interest in the programming medium as it relates to computer graphics and data visualization. Just as a traditional artist uses brush and canvas to generate images, Jim uses math, code, and software to visualize his ideas on the computer screen.

Jim Soliven's interest in computer graphics started at the early age of 9 when he was addicted to playing games on his Apple computer. By reading the Basic source code of games, Jim taught himself the art of generating computer graphics with his Apple using plot and hplot statements. Through his years, Jim retained his interest in the computer arts but it wasn't until he was introduced to OpenGL that he decided to approach computer graphics as a medium to generate what he considers as visual toys. Recently, Jim has been doing most of his work using a combination of Perl, Unix scripting, and Java(by way of Processing).

Jim has a Bachelor of Science degree in Computer Science from SUNY Buffalo. He currently works as a Network Engineer designing and supporting data networks. Visual design through software is one of the hobbies he uses to relax.

2008 Exhibitions

November 4 - November 26
Brooklyn Museum of Computer Arts
Double Exposure Exhbit Group Exhibit

October 9 - November 1
Los Angeles Center for Digital Arts
Snap To Grid Group Exhibit

September 26 to September 27
The Hague's TodaysArt08
Processing Light Exhibit