Sunday, June 03, 2007

Torsion Series

processing java application, march 2007, jim soliven

This is a simple dynamic particle attractor series. The simple algorithm follows a particle as it tries to follow a target point. I was originally trying to come up with an algorithm that will replicate a twine of rope but the resulting work came out to be something totally different.

The original series was created in 2005. It was a series of 3200x2400 images that I saved on my Mac Powerbook which was subsequently erased when I had to reformat to the mac due to security issues. My Mac powerbook actually got hacked! In my haste to secure the Mac, I inadvertently erased all the original printed work and the algorithm that generated it.

I liked the result of the work so much that I decided to recreate the program in 2007. It wasn't easy. The underlying algorithm is the same as the original but I guess I'm not implementing it the same way. The subsequent work generated images that wasn't as interesting as the original. The latest images are 5400x3600 images. When I get a chance, I'm going to print the images on rice paper.

Some sample images:



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