Sunday, June 07, 2009

Rules of Order


Rules of Order, java application, April 2009

Imagine a plane leaving trails in the sky at the same time it is dropping spray paint onto the ground. That is the same process that each moving pixel does in this work. Each object flies about 30 pixels above the canvas. As it moves across the plane, it leaves a trail on the canvas and it also sprays a fine mist of pixels into the air. Given time, the spray lands on the canvas and leaves a mark.

This piece was a quick job since I am sticking to my modus operandi of keeping it simple. I love discovering new techniques in creating digital art and this piece is really more of a study of a new technique. The new technique is using multiple canvases in the same process. I suspect I will use this technique more in the future.

Here are some more images developed by the algorithm:


Above is an extreme closeup of the details. Notice the grainy nature of the image. The graininess of the image is caused by the individual pixels in the pixel spray process of the algorithm.


This is the earliest form of the algorithm. The screencapture was caught in process. Most of the other images generated are screencaptured after the complete image is done.

Rules of Order


Below are the more colored variety:

Rules of Order

Hands and Feet

The rest of the set can be found here


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