Monday, January 29, 2007

Beastbox Beatbox

processing java applet, march 2004, jim soliven

600 x 520 applet

I've always been fascinated with making music. I have a special love of making synthesizer music. I've loved making them eversince I bought my Yamaha RY-30 drum machine. My interest in synth music is pretty old school. I support hardware synthesizers and have never used softsynths. Due to cramp living conditions, I think I might make the move.

Beastbox beatbox is a multi-threaded java application I wrote in 2004 to explore new interfaces in creating music. The applet is a CPU hog due to 8 threads running simultaneously and you need a fairly beefy machine.

I recently found this applet while cleaning up my files and this is one of my favorite creations. The applet was part of a bigger suite of applications that I wrote to explore new ways in creating music. Those other applications were lost when my server crashed.

One day I will probably revisit this interest in creating new instruments using software. Hope you enjoy.

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Monday, September 04, 2006

True Love and the Search for the Perfect Mate

processing java applet, september 2006, jim soliven

900 x 700 applet

"I'm just an object in a mathematical 2D plane that is following programmed behaviors" - That's the conclusion I came up with during an trivial emotional episode. "True Love" is a visual representation of simple rules created to emulate the search for true love. This system is designed with the following behaviors in mind:
  • Each person is either Male or Female
  • People who are single are in the dating scene
  • People who are coupled are outside the dating scene
  • A male is always constantly searching for the perfect female partner
  • When a male encounters another female in the field, the female is analyzed. If the female is compatible with the male, the two of them gets coupled
  • A coupled male will break-up with their partner if he encounters a more compatible single female
  • Breaking up and going out are emotional stages that bursts with energy
This translates to the following rules:
  • Each object is either Male or Female
  • Each Male scrutinizes every female within a fixed N distance
  • Each hookup is marked by an explosion of white
  • Each breakup is marked by an explostion of black
  • Couples' movements are synched and are not random
  • A weak force gravitates single objects towards the center
  • Coupled objects gravitates away from the center
  • Couples are linked via a red line if they are outside the circle of dating
  • Couples are linked via a uniquely colored line when they are in the circle
The following are sample results:

The following are images generated when couples are made to have stronger bonds thus less prone to breaking up. The images look less chaotic:

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Saturday, August 26, 2006

Daily Politics

processing java applet, august 2006, jim soliven

700 x 1024

Daily Politics is a visualization of daily interactions between nations. Originally written to keep track of just how much the United States assert its influence over other countries but was later expanded to track the interaction between all nations.

Nations are grouped by their regional locations(i.e. North America, Asia, Europe, Africa, South America) and each nation is assigned a random color.

Daily Politics' underlying mechanism scours various news websites and processes World News entries to determine nations interacting with each other. The data is gathered, formatted, and written to files from which the applet feeds from.

Daily Politics started gathering data on August 20, 2006.

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