Sunday, August 17, 2008

Lucretius - De Rerum Natura

One of the images from the Brownian Motion Set has been picked up as a cover for a University of California Press publication.


More information regarding the book can be found here.

The Brownian Motion set was created around 2005. It was coded to satisfy my curiosity of how Brownian motion would affect a particle that travels towards a specific destination. My findings tells me that the particle would ultimately fail to reach its intended destination since the effects of the Brownian motion really derails its tracks.

Derailment doesn't really produce an interesting image and for a while I was a little bit disappointed. What I added to the code was an attribute of 'intent' to reach the destination. This way, the particle would eventually be within the vicinity of the destination.

I was mildly satisfied with the result. I put to use the term "mildly" for some reason my mind blanks out like a New York City power outage whenever I choose a color scheme for this piece.

This set will eventually be re-visited once I determine a proper behavior for the particle.